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#WSQ11 #Java #TC201 Library Assignment Programming Fun

1 min read

The libraries of SmallTownX need a new electronic rental system, and it is up to you to build it. SmallTownX has two libraries. Each library offers many books to rent. Customers can print the list of available books, borrow, and return books.



We provide two classes, Book and Library, that provide the functionality for the book database. You must implement the missing methods to make these classes work. 

The first part of the problem that is the implementation of Book was easy, we only put what they asked us to put, filling the methods is easy if you already have the other WSQ, the hard part is when is the turn of the Library at first we have to make the address of the library, that's simple, then we have to make an ArrayList where all the books will be, that's the hard part, then we have to check the hours the both libraries are available, that's very simple, then borrow and return books that's the hard part but when you get it is simple.

I won't post pictures because I'm lazy but here's the code