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#TI2011 #ChapterEleven

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Chapter Eleven

Review of the 11th chapter

This chapter is about the final preparations of planning, so here I go, explaining that the team is ready to finally create its first estimates, develop a plan to deliver the project.


Describes the preparation work that should be done after the project requirements have been baselined and architecture work is under way. This work includes the following tasks:


In the project estimates
 the requirements are finally been baselined, now it’s the time to create meaningful estimates for effort, cost, and schedule, keep in mind that the estimation procedure should be written, estimates should include time for all normal activities, the project plan should not assume the team will work overtime, estimates should be created using estimation software, estimates should be based on data from completed projects, watch for estimates that developers don't accept, the project team should plan to re-estimate at several specific times during the project, estimates should be placed under change control.


Writing a Staged Delivery Plan, the software is ultimately delivered in stages, with the most important functionality delivered first, this means in this order Software concept, requirements development, architectural design, Stage 1 to n: Detailed design, construction, and release and finally software release.


Performing ongoing planning activities explicit risk-management activities that were initiated at the beginning of the project should continue throughout the project. Check the vision statement and, if necessary, revise it so that it can provide direction throughout stage planning, architecture, and detailed design and implementation. Check whether the decision-making authority identified during preliminary planning is clear about the project plans and goals, including the Change Control Plan and preliminary estimates.


In conclusion, the project estimation is also important because is the way to know what you’ll do give you profit for all the work you’ll do, it’s the key point to the client say yes or no to the development of the project.