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#TI2011 #ChapterFive

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Chapter Five

Review of the 5th chapter

I hope this chapter is as cool as I think, let’s start and you’ll know my answer in the next lines of how amazing it was…

Yep, it was awesome, let’s start step by step what impact the chapter created in me.

In the intellectual phases, we have three, the first one is discovery that is characterized of converting uncertainty to certainty through investigation, such as knowing what the user, customer, client want and creating user interfaces, the second phase is the invention like the discovery phase only that things that couldn’t be certain in discovery they are at invention and finally the third, implementation it focused on realizing what is certain by the other two phases.

At each stage of implementation, the group task release functional product in each stage delivery is provide several important benefits, like critical functionality, reduced risks, evident problems, reduced status-reporting, more options, reduces possibility of error, balances flexibility and efficiency.

The disadvantage of each stage is that everything is repeated so each action for each stage cost more, but is so minimum that the cost is worth it against doing it all again because there was a mistake at downstream that will cost more than doing it by each stage.

In this chapter I learned that completing stages is better than doing each part alone, that would be all for now, until the next one.