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Chapter Nine

Review of the 9th chapter

This chapter is about the quality assurance this is testing but now it’s not only that it’s also about technical reviewing and project planning. The general definition of quality is "the degree to which the software satisfies both stated and implied requirements." In fact, this chapter explained how to assure that kind of quality.


Why quality is important? Well, software quality has a bottom-line impact on the costs of doing business, so that is the main reason. Low quality software increases the burden on end-user support. Leading-edge companies by charging end-user support costs back to the business unit that produced the software responsible for the support call.


It is also important what you decide because the effect of releasing low quality software will cause an effect on your business. Normally, customers do not remember that high-quality software was delivered late or that low quality software was delivered on time as much as they remember whether they like using the software.

An effective quality assurance plan will call for several quality assurance activities, that I’ll explain in an easier way:

·       Defect tracking is the activity of recording the defects from the time they are detected until the time they’re resolved. They can be detected and resolved in both levels individual and statistical

·       Unit testing is informal testing of source code, is usually performed informally but should be required for each unit before that unit is integrated with the master sources or turned over for independent review or testing.

·       Source-code tracing is stepping through clearly the source code line by line in an interactive debugger that are many. This work is usually performed by the developer who wrote the code, but it can be a special worker.

·       Technical reviews are reviews by developers of work their peers have completed. These reviews are used to assure quality of the User Interface Prototype, requirements specification, architecture, designs, and all other technical work products.

·       Integration testing is exercising newly developed code in combination with other code that has already been integrated.

·       System testing is the execution of software to finding defects. System testing is performed by an independent test organization or quality assurance group.


In conclusion, the quality is very important because it is the way in which you realize that your software is in its full functionality. This means that it has no problems and doing this type of tests helps the proper functioning of it.