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#TI2011 #ChapterOne

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Chapter One

Review of the 1st chapter

Users and clients usually want Software that is cheap and fast to develop but I have never seen a quality one that is cheap and fast so our buyers must know how we survive developing and creating their amazing ideas,

In software project survival, you must recognize the essential needs that are simple like the project isn’t canceled, team isn’t fired, adequate physical working conditions, everything that is basic to start a project which satisfy yourself and your group task at maximum performance, then you have the safety needs which exist to meet personal promises for schedule and functionality. After needs you have social contact, belongingness and love that is the fact of having a healthy and good communications with the group task. Now you have complete needs and you have a good relation with your team now is your self-esteem what matters the objective is a productive feeling, that you are important to the develop of the project and you are contributing to it and finally the self-actualization that is a professional development that is the fact of knowing what is happening in your environment. 

The survival rights are things that the client and the developer must agree so the project can be a civilize work, both must know the project and objectives, access to people to make decisions of functionality, work each phase of the project in a productive environment, involvement of the client so everything goes well.

Very interesting chapter I learn many things about developing projects and the things we need to do to make a successful one, until the next one.