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#TI2011 #ChapterSeven

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Chapter Seven

Review of the 7th chapter

This chapter is about planning plans for plans to have plans correctly planned, I did this so you are aware that the objective of this course is totally about planning so you can have a nice and less stressful project, so here we go. 

The first thing about any project is to have a vision and more than that a common vision, without a shared vision high performance teamwork can’t take off. Studies mark that having a clear objective the team function in an effective way, helps to decision making on smaller issues, helps to keep the team focused and avoid time-wasting side trips and many other things, so have a common vision to make an effective project. To define what to leave out is linked to the vision so it must be precise so it can guide the project to an easy way to develop and knowing what is going into the project and what won’t.

The executive sponsorship is the support given to the group who has the final decision, this is critical to project success, this group should be responsible for committing to a feature set, approving the user interface design, and deciding whether the software is ready to release to its users or customers. When I think of the executive sponsorship I remember of a conference that we had in Ken’s class that is about having one person that says go ahead with that or not and is the CEO, so for every final decision it goes right to the CEO’s hands to decide.

The project scope targets are having an idea about the intended budget, schedule, staffing, and feature set of the software at the end all of them are estimates, it’s rarely that a project is on the budget or at the schedule, that’s the reason of the estimations so it won’t affect that much the result of the project.

Risk management is also an important subject, part of the budget must be assign to the risk effects that will happened throughout the develop of the project.

In conclusion, planning will lead the project to a simpler and less stressful development, planning makes us locate what the project needs, minimize risks, mistakes and times, plan is life, plan is love.