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#TI2011 #ChapterSix

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Chapter Six

Review of the 6th chapter

This time I’m bringing to you about how to manage the changes correctly in a very efficient control without making an expensive investment in them because controlling changes is an integral part of the project planning and is critical to project success.

The procedure to control changes in a project is at first in the initial development work, here the changes are made in a free way to the work product, in second place the work product is submitted to technical review and declare complete, in third place we send the work product to the “change board” which in here we make changes in a more systematic process, in fourth place it is send to revision control where everything you do is checked to find things that can change, in the fifth and final place is explained the process of a change, at first the proposal change is sent, then the change board identifies what is affected by the new proposal change and notify, the next step that is assess the cost and benefits of the proposal change, then is to accept or reject the proposal change and finally notify if the change proposal will or won’t proceed.

Change control primary benefit is that it does what is intended to do, another thing it does is that it protects the project from unnecessary changes by ensuring that the changes proposal is considered by a systematic way as we talk the last paragraph, it also improves the quality of decisions making every parties involved in them. The change control is aware of everything when something is “finished” it reviews and check if the work product or the reached milestone is complete. 

One of the benefits of automated revision control is versioning, it enables project members to retrieve ant version of any major document that has been produced throughout the project. They can recreate any version of the product that has ever been released to a customer.

In conclusion is very important to be aware that changes are coming throughout the project so at first, we must analyze them if the change is necessary or how much it will cost the change talking about time, money and development crew.