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#TI2011 #ChapterTen

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Chapter Ten

Review of the 10th chapter

This chapter is about the software architecture which provides the technical structure for a project. If the architecture is good makes the rest of the project ready but if it is a bad architecture the project will be impossible to develop so here we have another important fact that should be take care of, the wonderful architecture.


The architecture phase in software development is a time during which the software is mapped out using prototypes and design diagrams, it also provides an exploring feature that search for types of low cost, the architecture team partitions the system in subsystems to specify the interactions between them, it also address the major design issues that appear throughout the system such as memory management, string storage and error handling.


Architecture must support the delivery plan and the architecture document.  For the delivery plan, it must accommodate functionality to each piece of a delivery, and for the architecture document it should describe all the architecture process. The architecture plan won’t stop, but it should be committed to put the conceptual into real with its analyze requirements working perfectly.


In conclusion architecture is an essential phase so the project has the correct construction is like the base of it because is part of the design, If it is not well designed, it will not work for what was intended to do.