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#TI2011 #ChapterThree

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Chapter Three

Review of the 3rd chapter

Survival concepts this chapter lead you to make your software successful, this is about using effective development processes to make effective Software, I’m sure you were expecting that.

So, first what is a process, the book throw us a lot of meanings but the one that got my attention is developing a systematic plan in early stages of the project that includes a test plan, review plan, and defect tracking plan, because this “extras” are essential to know if you are going good or something is going terrible bad so you can change it before you are at a stage that is very expensive making changes.

Normally people don’t think that a process is a good way of working they think that hiring people and throw them to do what they are the best is the way Software magically appear, but they are wrong even the best programmers or in our case engineers in computer science we have a process to follow so Software can “magically appear”.

The reason we spend time at the process stage is to AVOID mistakes not to CORRECT mistakes, that simple. Change control, customer want changes and those changes without a process stage expand budget and schedule. Quality assurance, the process to eliminate defects are very important so important that if the project have many mistakes in the testing stage become a chaos because it have interminable fixtures. Uncontrolled revisions, defects are discovered because no one planned and the project deviates from its final purpose. Defects tracking, when defects aren’t fixed and the software is released. System integration, the components where divided and they are integrated until the end of the project so it takes time to align them or they could be incompatible. Automated source code control, developers can lose work or overwrite code they have and lose parts that were essential. Finally scheduling, projects that are behind schedule, developers are asked to re-estimate work. 

In this chapter I learned that make process and be very organized is essential to make a quality software, that would be all for now, until the next one.