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#TI2011 #ChapterTwo

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Chapter Two

Review of the 2nd Chapter

The Software Project Survival Test is a test to know if the project you are on the way to develop is going to succeed or be a long task to develop it correctly or is definitely going to fail.

I can’t review this because is a guideline to know how will be the process of developing any project, is a way to know and question yourself about what are you going to do with the project you will be working on. The questionnaire is about things that we read on chapter one so this represents if the project is well defined, it has an available and good group task, communication with the client, and many other things.

The interpretation of the test tells us if the software is Outstanding, this means is virtually guaranteed of success, Excellent, performing much better than the average, Good, better than average level, Fair, it will affect the survival rights and needs from chapter one and finally at risk problems in all areas and should be checked again.