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Mission Accomplished

Review of Mission Accomplished

This volume is about what you did during the project it’s exactly what is says, history, the history of how you develop your project, this is useful for future projects because it is written to know in what you were stuck and how not to repeat that in the future.


Whether the project has been an awesome success or an awful failure, it was also a time to learn from what you experienced during that project and for the future to build a foundation for future successes.


You can also have project review meetings that can be valuable times for project members to discuss their insights candidly because everyone has a perspective on how the project outcome at the end, and those insights can be tremendously beneficial to the organization or future projects on the organization or in an individual way.


Here are some do’s and don’ts for developing a project from NASA, enjoy.



·       Empower project personnel

·       Minimize the bureaucracy

·       Define the requirements baseline, and manage changes to it

·       Take periodic snapshots of project health and progress, and replan when necessary

·       Re-estimate system size, effort, and schedules periodically

·       Define and manage phase transitions

·       Foster a team spirit

·       Start the project with a small senior staff



·       Don't let team members work in an unsystematic way

·       Don't set unreasonable goals

·       Don't implement changes without assessing their impact and obtaining approval of the change board

·       Don't gold-plate

·       Don't overstaff, especially early in the project

·       Don't assume that a schedule slip in the middle of a phase will be made up later

·       Don't relax standards in order to cut costs or shorten a schedule

·       Don't assume that a large amount of documentation ensures success

I hope you like to read my posts about the software project survival guide, it was amazing reading this I learn a lot and I hope my explanations of my point of view are the ones you need to understand the importance of the main topic of this book, thanks for your time.