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#TI2011 #PragmaticProgrammer

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Review of the 

Amazing programming book at first because it is very easy to read and it contains a lot of useful programming tips so that is exactly what all the coders need.

I agree with almost all the tips and many of them are obvious, I liked that the tips are not tied to any technology, so this makes them very general and understandable.


Here are some of the tips I get from reading this book:

·       If you have a badly written code try to fix it as soon as possible, if you don’t take the time to clean it up, the bad code can make you feel of not caring about code quality and you will end working with code that is poorly written and soon that code will spread all over your codebase without noticing.

·       If you release good software and usable early you can work together with your users on polishing it to make a perfect software because great software today is often better that perfect software a year form now.

·       Use your time to learn useful things that you don't know yet, and keep an eye on emerging technologies because that is the best investment of time you can make as a programmer.

·       When debugging step back and think of the things that could be the origin of the bug, and how the bug propagates through the entire program and always test it with relevant inputs, doing that you eliminate all the possible things that could cause the bug to appear, leaving you with the real cause.

·       Document your code at first the set of data that works on correctly and you document because any problem like crashing early is better than letting bad data flow through the whole program and instead of thinking that wrong data couldn't make it this far make sure it doesn't happen by documenting.

·       When faced with a problem always ask yourself: Why is this thing a problem? Does it have to be done this way? Does it have to be done at all? Answering those questions, you’ll get another look at the problem and find out if your constraints are the real ones.

·       Testing is very important, try to think of the cases that could break your code and test them. Test early, often and automatically because the earlier the bug is found the easier it is to fix so test, test and test. 


I recommend to read this because this are the tips that got me and maybe you'll find another tips that be useful to you so if you have the time to read it, do it